Facebook presenta una herramienta para incrementar la cobertura de los mensajes de los anunciantes

La herramienta se llama Reach Generator y a través de la misma los anunciantes pueden pagar para que sus anuncios alcancen la cobertura que deseen en el ámbito de la red social. - - 06/03/2012

La aplicación ANT3.0 alcanza los 2 millones de contenidos servidos y 200.000 descargas…

La aplicación ANT3.0 alcanza los 2 millones de contenidos servidos y 200.000 descargas en tan solo seis días de funcionamiento, tras su lanzamiento en el Hormiguero 3.0. ANT3.0 - - 06/03/2012

Google Video Adwords to launch out of beta this Spring

The search giant launched the product, an equivalent of AdWords for YouTube’s suite of online video formats TrueView, last September. The move means advertisers can create and manage video - - 06/03/2012

Advertisers Say What We're All Thinking: Social-Media Spending Is Going to Explode

Facebook is prepping for a massive IPO, Twitter is focusing its business exclusively on advertising and nearly three-fifths of digital decision-makers polled last fall said they plan to boost their - - 06/03/2012

Visual Culture Is Taking Over -- and Other Insights From Studying the Media

The Rise of Pinterest and of Image-Based Tweets Shows New Movement. There was a time when media planners' role was limited to determining where marketers should advertise. The world has so moved on. - - 06/03/2012

Facebook Warns Brands that Scale in Social Won't Come For Free

Facebook is asking marketers to double down on their investment in advertising and content in return for an assurance that they'll reach a sizable share of the fan base they've been growing - - 05/03/2012

Unilever to integrate outdoor and mobile in UK pilot.

Unilever has kicked off a trial using mobile technologies such as NFC and QR codes to distribute promotional content via outdoor executions such as billboard posters. The FMCG giant will - - 05/03/2012

OMD's Next Big Thing Is Just A Bunch Of Hacks (And Why That's A Good Thing)

In what likely is the first initiative of its kind by a major ad agency and its clients, Omnicom’s OMD unit brought some of its biggest brands together with some of the app communities' most - - 05/03/2012

Sorry, the Internet Can't Fix TV's Reach Problem

Apparently, there is a not-so-insignificant school of thought in the media industry that reach on TV doesn't matter so much anymore. Ad reach on TV matters now more than ever. Agencies, - - 05/03/2012

Yahoo’s New CEO Preps Major Restructuring, Including Significant Layoffs

According to multiple sources both inside and outside the Silicon Valley Internet giant, Yahoo’s CEO Scott Thompson is preparing a massive restructuring of the company, including layoffs - - 05/03/2012