La televisión pública alemana emite en directo toda su programación vía Internet

La televisión e Internet están más unidos que nunca. Las cadenas cada vez emiten más programas a través de la Red y ahora el canal de televisión público alemán Das Erste ha comenzado a ofrecer toda su programación en directo. - - 04/01/2013

Pinterest hace su primera compra: Punchfork

El boom social del año pasado acaba de anunciar que ha adquirido Punchfork, una empresa de dos años cuyo producto es una web para compartir y descubrir recetas. No se ha hecho público el precio que ha pagado Pinterest - - 04/01/2013

Former Posterscope Exec Todd Hansen Receives Light Sentence

Former Posterscope USA president Todd Hansen was sentenced to four months in prison by a New York Court judge Thursday for his role in an accounting fraud scheme that artificially inflated profits at the Aegis - - 04/01/2013

Worldwide, More Money Goes Mobile

Mobile ad spending around the world more than doubled last year, eMarketer estimates, and though growth will moderate this year, double-digit increases in mobile ad spending will continue in coming years as outlays approach - - 04/01/2013

La publicidad digital a nivel mundial sobrepasará a la publicidad impresa en 2015

El gasto mundial en publicidad digital sobrepasará al gasto en periódicos en 2013 (101.500 millones de dólares frente a 93.200 millones), y hará lo mismo con la combinación de publicidad en medios impresos (periódicos y revistas) en 2015 - - 03/01/2013

Al Yazira desembarca en EE UU

La cadena catarí Al Yazira ha anunciado hoy la compra del canal estadounidense Current TV, fundado por el exvicepresidente Al Gore, con el objetivo "de emitir noticias nacionales e internacionales para la audiencia del país norteamericano". - - 03/01/2013

Twitter could be worth $11bn as it prepares to go public in 2014

Twitter is preparing to take the company public in 2014, and could already be worth as much as $11bn, according to a report by specialist financial researchers Greencrest. - - 03/01/2013

Microsoft Accuses Google Of Unfair Competition

The boxing gloves went back on again Wednesday when Microsoft publicly accused Google of blocking its Windows Phones from accessing YouTube metadata similar to the way it allows Google Android phones and Apple iOS iPhones. - - 03/01/2013

French Minister Demands Twitter Censor Hate Speech

After #SiMonFilsEstGay ("If my son is gay") trended on Twitter for days in France, the country's Minister of Women's Rights said the micro-blog must begin to censor hate speech. Najat Belkacem-Vallaud argued - - 03/01/2013

Updated: Who's Buying What in Super Bowl 2013

Advertisers' plans for Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans are beginning to become clear. As CBS works to sell the last handful of spots, ad packages are going for an average of $3.7 million to $3.8 million, - - 02/01/2013