Why Google Cloud is attracting ad tech companies

Tech giant is bringing ad rivals into its public computing infrastructure, but there are some potential pitfalls - - 13/09/2021

Facebook’s measurement problems could affect advertisers' media plans—and its bottom line

Apple’s new privacy rules are making it difficult to tie Facebook data to actions that consumers take after viewing ads on the platform, which could have long-term effects on ad revenues. - - 12/09/2021

Amazon's first-ever smart TVs will provide leverage in both the CTV space and TV measurement

Amazon’s first-ever smart TVs, the Fire TV Omni Series, will propel the company to disruptor status in both the CTV and TV measurement spaces. - - 12/09/2021

Marie Claire deja de imprimir su revista en EU después de 27 años

Después de 27 años de publicaciones, la popular revista Marie Claire dejará de emitir su versión impresa ya que han tenido problemas para atraer lectores, ya que, cada vez con mayor regularidad, las personas se informan a través de las redes - - 12/09/2021

Nielsen CEO defends company amid escalating criticism from TV industry

Nielsen's CEO defended the company, as the ratings behemoth comes under renewed fire from the TV industry and faces questions about the accuracy of a system through which at least $60 billion of advertising is bought and sold a year - - 12/09/2021

Claire Léost presidenta de Prisma Media (Vivendi)

Se trata de afrontar los desafíos que enfrenta la industria editorial de revistas, con Claire Léost  acelerará la transformación de Prisma Media y aprovechará todas las oportunidades - - 11/09/2021

Innovid Expands IAS Integration To Include CTV Measurement

Television advertising and analytics platform Innovid announced that it has expanded its integration with Integral Ad Science to include connected TV (CTV). - - 11/09/2021

Los primeros empleados de Twitter, 15 años después: ¿Dónde están ahora?

Antes de que Twitter se convirtiera en el gran gigante de las redes sociales, era una plataforma de podcasting llamada Odeo. Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey y Biz Stone fundaron la empresa junto a Noah Glass. - - 11/09/2021

Roku Survey Says Streaming Industry Has Passed a “Tipping Point”

One in four consumers cut the cord in the last year and they pay $49 a month for video services versus $121 a month for pay TV services, according to Roku - - 11/09/2021

Raducanu set for global media stardom, say UK marketing experts

Tennis star has the right ingredients to attract billion-dollar sponsorship – but must keep winning - - 11/09/2021