4 Killer Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy with Instagram

Content is king. Content marketing can help you increase sales, generate leads, and drive high-quality traffic to your website. It can also help you increase your engagement rate and raise brand awareness. - - 08/07/2019

Questioning the quality of location data

Brand managers may be shocked to learn that they could save up to 80% on their location-based targeting spend by removing inaccurate and poor-quality data. - - 08/07/2019

La publicidad en internet se ralentiza pero superará la mitad de inversión publicitaria, 2021

El crecimiento proyectado se ralentiza del 17% al 9% anual, según las previsiones del Advertising Expenditure Forecasts de Zenith, publicadas hoy. - - 08/07/2019

Internet to account for half of adspend by 2021

A maturing internet ad market will take just over half of global adspend within a couple of years, according to the latest Zenith Advertising Expenditure Forecasts. - - 08/07/2019

It was a really bad month for the internet

In the past month there were several major internet outages affecting millions of users across the world. Sites buckled, services broke, images wouldn’t load, direct messages ground to a halt and calendars and email were unavailable for hours - - 08/07/2019

Google is testing a Play/Pause button for Chrome's toolbar

A new Global Media Controls (GMC) feature has been switched on in Chrome Canary, Google's first line of defense for testing out changes and updates for the widely used web browser. - - 07/07/2019

Internet group brands Mozilla ‘internet villain’ for supporting DNS privacy feature

An industry group of internet service providers has branded Firefox browser maker Mozilla an “internet villain” for supporting a DNS security standard. - - 06/07/2019

Netflix: Ad-Supported Vs. Non-Ad-Supported Subscription Models

With speculation running rampant that Netflix might ultimately introduce ad-supported models, new consumer research indicates that it would lose subscribers, especially if it doesn't reduce the price they pay for a new version - - 06/07/2019

Adwanted sigue conquistando usuarios en Francia

Mediasbook y Adwanted anuncian su alianza para convertirse en la primera plataforma transaccional online dedicada a los medios impresos (diarios, revistas y suplementos) - - 05/07/2019

Cierra ‘Mad’, la revista que ha convertido América en una caricatura durante casi 70 años

Anuncia su cierre después de 67 años de vida y peripecias. Aunque aún no ha habido un comunicado oficial por parte de Meredith Corporation, su editorial, el despido de su director, Dan Tefler, y de dos de sus dibujantes - - 05/07/2019