News Corp: a lot of life in print yet

Print media remains utterly viable and a cheap way to reach large audiences. That might seem like the type of statement which was made in the middle of the last decade, with froth rising about the growth - - 04/10/2013

Aegis makes 'commitment to Scotland' after buying Media Vision

Aegis Media has bought the remaining 50 per cent stake in Edinburgh-based agency Media Vision and plans to merge the business with Carat Edinburgh to create Carat Scotland. - - 04/10/2013

Discovery and Viacom launch ad sales house in the Netherlands

Discovery Networks Western Europe and Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) have inked a partnership in the Netherlands to launch a sales house called BrandDeli. - - 04/10/2013

Carat preve un crecimiento positivo del 5% de la inversión mundial en publicidad en 2014, en que Europa volverá a crecer…

Carat ha anunciado este viernes sus primeras previsiones de inversión en publicidad en todo el mundo en 2014, junto con sus últimas previsiones para 2013 y 2012, en base a datos recibidos de 57 mercados de todo el mundo - - 04/10/2013

Factory Media y GrindMedia crean la mayor red de distribución de información deportiva

Mediante sus respectivos medios de comunicación en América y el Norte de Europa, la asociación de Factory Media y GrindMedia da lugar a la mayor red de distribución de información del deporte - - 04/10/2013

Twitter busca captar hasta 1.000 millones de dólares en la Bolsa

Twitter busca captar hasta 1.000 millones de dólares con su Oferta Pública de Venta (OPV), según los detalles que trascendieron ayer de los documentos presentados en septiembre ante la Comisión del Mercado de Valores - - 04/10/2013

Instagram insertará publicidad entre las fotos de sus usuarios

Los millones de usuarios de Instagram comenzarán a ver anuncios entre las fotografías que comparten en un par de meses. La popular red social basada en fotos compartidas - - 04/10/2013

Disney, Viacom, Discovery, Twitter Execs Set for Abu Dhabi Media Summit

Top executives from the Walt Disney Co., Viacom, Discovery Networks International, Twitter and Google will speak at this year's Abu Dhabi Media Summit, organizers announced on Wednesday. - - 03/10/2013

Data and digital lifestyle drive the talk at Advertising Week New York

With change in the industry being driven at an incredible rate, leaders from many fields were attracted to the sessions, notably a lively panel on how technology has ambushed advertising - - 03/10/2013

One Of Facebook's Advertising Partners Has Quit Because The Margins Were Lousy

Compass was one of Facebook's "preferred marketing developers" (PMDs). The exit ought to scare some of them. Venkatachari tells us that his company saw only "diminishing margins" in the Facebook ad business: - - 03/10/2013